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This site is dedicated to a Imperial-themed D20 Star Wars Campaign started in 2005.

The original group stopped playing after several sessions, and there was a game hiatus until April of 2007, when the former GM and two players decided they wanted to start the game again. The GM became one of the players, and one of the former players became the new GM. This situation lasted for nearly two years, after which life once again intervened and the game went on to hiatus.

In January of 2010, several of the players once again decided they could not live without a Star Wars game. The most recent GM not interested in running again, the game was returned to the control of the original GM.

The current game is set 129 years following the last events of the previous game run. The characters are all aligned to Emperor Fel's Empire. They are a special missions team (Sam: "Where special means we're on the short bus.") based out of Bastion and part of the Imperial Forces.

About the Links

Note: These links are based on the old campaign site which is slowly being updated.


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The Harbinger

The Harbinger is the ship owned by one of the PCs and it is home to the PCs. From here you can learn about the ship, the crew, and read the captain's logs.

The Holonet

View the Game Quotes and the proposed Game Soundtrack.

The Galaxy

Read a summary of the plot so far and view NPC Bios and other points of interest

Shadowstalker Guild (AKA The Shadowstalker the Bounty Hunter Guild)

A Bounty Hunters Guild formed by one of the PCs.

Heavenly Voice Shipping

A Transport Company formed by two of the PCs. The Heavenly Voice Shipping Company owns a fleet of heavily modified cargo vessels to transport either goods or passengers (or both!). You can view rates for shipping, investigate having the Heavenly Voice Shipyards at Ord Radama build ships for you, as well as apply to work for the company.