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Oona Died, But Jared’s the One Who Had the Bad Day

  • We return to Coruscant, Plagieus trail having gone cold.
  • Pandara goes shopping for a home and Oona travels with her. She is interested in an estate which once belonged to Senator Palpatine.
  • At the outside of the estate, Oona and Pandara are attacked by snipers.
  • Alarms sound on the ship as Oona is hit. Before Pandara can even call for help Oona is down.
  • Pandara calls for help over comms as Phun reports in that Oona is dead.
  • Phun starts heading for the altercation as the ship droids go nuts.
  • Kai and Mal try to figure out how to get from the Solo estate to Pandara. Being closer, they get there in time to spot the snipers and Mal kills them before Pandara is killed as well.
  • As they try to figure out what is happening Mal spots an incoming ship missile and uses the Force to aim it at the estate Pandara was interested in, much to her dismay.
  • Phun is sent back to the ship to find out who is shooting at them before even getting halfway to the problem. Kai contacts Borol to see if the Jedi Temple has an idea who is shooting at them.
  • Phun makes it back to the ship in time to watch Amy fire the ship guns and take down the hostiles.
  • It is discovered to be a Hadrian Heavy Cruiser, which are a Hapes Consortium design. Careful investigation leads eventually to Lady Sage, the last of Plagius’ apprentices.
  • A Day of Mourning for Oona is proclaimed throughout the Empire. Imperial forces including Emperor Fel and a contingent of Imperial Knights. Oona’s funeral is held on Woostri.
  • At the funeral Pandara is attacked yet again. Battle ensues and the assassins are killed. The Emperor’s forces in orbit take out another cloaked ship.
  • We decide we must take out Lady Sage.
  • Borol loans us a Jedi capable of blocking Farseeing before Sage decides to kill Kaileen and he’s stuck running Blackheart again.