Mandalorian: What could be more glorious than dying in battle?
Kaileen: Dying in bed. With my husband. Fucking.

Callsign: Kaiburrkaiknight

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Height: 5’8″

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Class: Urban Adept/Imperial Knight

Rank: Imperial Knight, Lady Blackheart

Position on Ship: First Officer

About Kaileen

Dame Kaileen Ilora Seville, Lady Solo-Blackheart, is the youngest of four children for the mainline of House Blackheart. After Darth Krayt’s treachery at Ossus and the defection of her oldest brother, Trevor, and her older sister, Berana, to Krayt’s Empire, Kaileen followed her parents to Emperor Fel’s court on Bastion and enlisted with his forces. Intent on proving the loyalty of her family and herself, she dedicated herself to becoming an Imperial Knight.

She was assigned to the crew of the Diamond Sun and was elected First Officer, where she has served since, although she has spent her downtime on Bastion split between the Imperial Knights, and duties to her family and the Court.

Her father, Lord Blackheart, was killed in the attack on Bastion and her mother is in hiding. Her older brother, Jedi Borol, was recently affirmed as Lord Blackheart following the death of her older brother, Trevor. He now leads the reborn Jedi Order from its Temple on Coruscant. Kaileen was recently knighted into Fel’s personal bodyguard.

She has married Lord Mal Blackheart-Solo and there are rumors she is already pregnant. Unlike most of Fel’s Imperial Knights, she continues to be assigned on missions that take her from Coruscant.