Lirano: How about we settle this once and for all.
Sith Lord: You don’t stand a chance.
Lirano: Try me.

Callsign: Bloodstone lirano2

Race: Codru-Ji

Gender: Male

Age: 19 Standard

Height: 5’10”

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Class: Jedi Guardian/Weaponmaster

Rank: Admiral

About Lirano

Lirano was born to Bisdal-ru and Tiressa, a High ranking couple in of the few spaceport cities of Munto Codru. While still a Wyrwulf he was kidnapped by a rival family, the High Falls Clan, and during his time with this other Clan he was found to be force sensitive. Part of his ransom was paid for by a Jedi master.

Soon after his emergence from his cocoon he was taken for training in the ways of the Jedi weapon masters. He left his home world to train with his new master, Master Wyn Katern. He learned much about light sabers, finding that he had a natural affinity for them. He was also trained to pilot most types of vehicles though he did not specialize in any. He of course learned to speak Basic as well as he did his native Codruese.

With his Battle instincts fully trained his Master placed young Lirano into the military to get some ‘seasoning’ and to develop his fighting skills. It was also hoped that joining the military would make it easier to hide his Jedi abilities.

He eventually returned home and married Sherdia of the High Falls Clan, who joined him in his adventures in the galaxy at large. He was promoted within the Fel Military and was a significant leader during the battle to destroy Krayt’s fleet.