“You sound pretty.”
-Mal, to Darth Krayt

Callsign: Onyxmal

Alias: Darth Terriculus

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Height: 6’8″

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Blue

Class: Soldier/Force Adept/Jedi Guardian/Sith Lord

Rank: Captain

Position on Ship: Captain

About Mal

Malcolm Tiberius Reynolds Solo is the only son of Azazel and Raven Solo. He was the only surviving member of a series of political assassinations carried out by Berana Blackheart, roughly a year after the Massacre of Ossus. After witnessing the murder of his parents on Coruscant, Mal was taken in by a friend of the family and moved to Kuat.

Vowing to restore the House of Solo and avenge his parents’ murders, Mal joined the Sith Army under Darth Krayt. He managed to get himself assigned to Berana’s forces, part of his plans to get close enough to her in order to attain his vengeance. These plans failed when his team was captured by the crew of the Diamond Sun. Seeing the Blackheart sigil on Kaileen’s armor, he switched sides, hoping still to find a way to get at Berana.

He has hopes of honoring the ancestors of the Solo family by restoring it to its rightful place in the galaxy. He has recently destroyed Berana, mocked Darth Krayt in battle, and is now Captain of the Blood Diamond. His wedding to Kaileen Blackheart was broadcast throughout Fel’s empire and together they are rebuilding the legacies of both their Houses.

He was last seen on Korriban, where he and his crew have killed Darth Krayt and ended the Sith reign of terror across the galaxy.