“You are not coming on this ship til you clean off.”
“You may be the captain and I the XO but I’m pretty sure it’s her ship.”
-Oona and Kai

Callsign: Sapphire

Race: Woostoid

Gender: Female

Age: 21 Standard

Height: 4’9″

Hair Color: Red

Skin Color: Orange

Eye Color: Black

Class: Tech Specialist/G.E.E.K.

Rank: Enisgn

Position on Ship: Ship’s Tech

About Oona

When Oona was an infant her parents moved with her to Ossus from Woostri to work for/with the Jedi at the temple. Her parents worked as security and engineering techs. Oona grew up around Jedi, younglings, masters and the like. None of them ever paid her much mind mostly because she isn’t force sensitive, but also because she and her parents were the only Woostoids on Ossus.

She enjoyed watching the younglings as they trained wishing she could join them. Since she couldn’t she learned bits of her parents trades. Oona lived in the Jedi temple at Ossus till she was 9 and 1/2 when her parents sent her to live with her aunt and uncle back on Woostri. They sent her back to Woostri because they thought she’d get better training and more of a childhood that she couldn’t get on Ossus.

Oona didn’t know her relatives since she had never met them. It was a long trip back to Woostri which her parents arraigned for her to go with a Jedi transport heading out to that area of the galaxy and drop her off to her aunt and uncle. She had learned a lot in 6 months about security systems. She learned how to change the intervals and frequencies so she could walk her wing of the house and the gardens to keep off of her aunt and uncles radar because she still wasn’t very sure of them. Her wing of the house was always spotless. On her 10th birthday they were notified of the attack on Ossus and with in a week were told her parents had perished in the massacre but there were no bodies to be returned for funeral services.

Two years later Oona over heard her aunt and uncle saying that they thought her parents may still be alive somewhere in the galaxy because of a transmission that came to the house. It was highly encrypted and well over Oona’s ability to figure out what was on it. From that day she devoted herself to learning all there is to know about security systems and tech equipment so she could learn what was on the transmission and one day find her parents.

On her 16th birthday her aunt and uncle told her that her parents left her a home secluded in the woods near a waterfall which she had only gone to a few times since she was on Woostri and they told her it was their vacation home. They also gave her, her first personal data pad.

At the age of 19 she left Woostri to set out and find her parents. Are they alive, does she have a brother or sister, what happened to them? Before she left her aunt and uncle told her they will take care of her home till she’s ready to come back. She found her way into Fel’s army as a civilian tech specialist. But she has been many places and happened to piss off a Sith in her travels but has no idea which one.

She has since served as part of the technical staff on board the Blood Diamond. Her skills at hacking are without peer, and have often saved her crewmates on various missions.