Maladi: Fine. If you don’t think the bounty I put on you is sufficient let’s up it. 500,000 credits for you dead.
Pandara: I’m getting the sense this isn’t about dinner.

Callsign: Diamondpandara

Race: Human (assumed)

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Height: 5’6″

Hair Color: Silver

Eye Color: Unknown

Class: Unknown

Rank: None

Position on Ship: Gunner

Aliases: Twilight, Twillane Lohera, Scarlet, Pandara D’homonor, Shane Twyttus, Danny

About Pandara

A Word from Pan about Names

“Should one be proud of the name they are given? Perhaps, for those silver spooned fools in the big houses. Their mommies and daddies naming them after some fool ancestor that their house was proud of. *sneer* Do you know who gave me my name? My real name? A low end whore name Wallea who used to come feed us street urchins every fifthday and take care of the new throwaways to the streets. When you grow up in filth and stay on the run for most of your life, you learn that a name means little in the end. More often than not it can get you in trouble. So I toss my name, when I need to and create something new for myself. One day maybe I’ll let my real name out to play, when the time is right for this urchin to reappear from hiding; when the time is right to be feared and not live in fear. But even if I don’t, why should I give a damn?”

About Pan (The Unknown Story)

Pan’s earliest memories were of the streets of Vorzyd V, and of her friends in the “Freelies” (or The Freelies of Efavan). The Freelies were a youth gang filled with juvenile delinquents that robbed, harassed, and committed many other serious acts, including killing people on occasion. The Freelies were her family; she was an orphan with no memories of anyone else that she could recall. On a rare occasion she would have dreams of people she didn’t know and places she hadn’t been; these she thought were from her real parents. But she knew like other orphans, she was only wishing for something that wasn’t there. She was a realist after all and intelligent for her age; even as a child she knew it was silly to believe in some fantasy family with a mother and father that loved her; that was just silly and childish — both things that she couldn’t be and that might make her misstep and be caught.

The Freelies were made up of many species of kids, and all were treated equal in a fashion — aside from the joking that could come up with certain members’ features; like Pan’s lack of eyes, and how she could see somehow still. But even that, became something the other children cared little for in the end. Pan eventually started going out with the older kids, a few years older at least. They brought her to be a lookout or to distract people. She was very good at playing the little blind beggar girl, which was a part she played well, but hated; she was not blind and didn’t understand at the time why she had to play a part that was so stupid. She was respected by her “family” for her ability to see things that others didn’t. Pan just paid attention in her mind; hell anyone else could do it if they just looked at the same time she did.

The day Pan met Tionne Solari was the beginning of a new life, one filled with storybook adventures that she could only believe were a silly dream before she saw it with her for herself. That morning she was assigned to a group that would go steal credit chips from visitors going to one of the smaller Efavan’s casinos. The smaller casinos were easier targets for the younger children, like Pan. They had less security, and less political pull, keeping most of the city watch closer to the larger casinos and their visitors.

It was beginning to be a good day, Pan kept watch and the others worked the crowds. They moved back and forth between a couple locations to help avoid suspicion. Around midday, Pan spotted someone moving through the crowd that glowed brighter than anyone she had ever seen: and it scared her. She hid, and waited for that person she had seen to pass by her spot. At the head of the ally she was in, the person stopped, and Pan could now tell that it was a woman. It appeared that the woman looked right at the spot where Pan was, but that was impossible, Pan was known for her ability to disappear. Still, the woman glowed and was looking at her! Pan had no idea what to think, but to her surprise the woman continued on and left her there. Pan was saved, yet she kept thinking about what had happened, all night long.

The days went on, and the same woman appeared each day where Pan was assigned. Eventually she would talk to Pan, just to ask a question at first about the day or the city, then eventually more personal questions about Pan herself. Pan soon began to look forward to the meetings; the woman was one of the most beautiful things Pan had ever encountered. After the initial astonishment of how the lady looked to her, she became used to her being around and realized she felt a kinship for Tionne. Tionne told Pan stories about the galaxy and about what was out there, most of which Pan knew that Tionne was just teasing her with. Though she had guessed that most were truth enough, it all seemed so much like the dreams her friends always talk about, and for the first time that she could remember she started to actually picture herself somewhere else.

A couple weeks from when she first appeared, Tionne told Pan she was leaving to go home. She explained to Pan that she wanted to bring her with her to a school that would allow Pan to learn and become something better. It was Pan’s choice Tionne said, and with Pan’s imagination fueled she decided to go with her. She gathered her things, and said her goodbyes to her family, and left Vorzyd V on a starship with Tionne. Their trip would take a couple weeks to get to Ossus, with a few stops along the way. But this was an adventure in itself to Pan enjoyed the trip immensely.

Once on Ossus, she was inducted into the Jedi Academy as a youngling. She made friends quickly and began her studies to learn. Never going to school before, she was enthusiastic about it and quickly picked up things as if it was natural to her. The speed, at which she learned, made up for how far behind some of the other students she was already. She began to learn languages, history, and many other skills. She excelled very quickly in her studies, and showed excellent promise to her teachers. After three years of studies, at the age of eleven, Pan was made Tionne’s padawan.

The Sith-Imperial War was raging for close to 2 years by the time Pan became a padawan. Because of this and Pan’s age, Tionne did not bring Pan on many missions unless she thought it was safe. These dangers left Pan to expand her own skills back at the academy; at least those skills that her Master dictated that she must work on. She worked on her skills in the lightsaber, with her abilities it was assessed that she had to rely upon her quickness and flexibility in her combat style, rather than her muscle. Pan was also told to work on her stealth abilities, something that she had used little over the year since leaving Vorzyd V. Technology and its uses was another avenue that she began to go deeper into studies with during that time period. Pan enjoyed all of this, but part of her was frustrated when her master left her each time, she was her master’s padawan and should have been with her if the need was there. Yet with all of the time she spent without Tionne there, Pan did go with her on a few occasions to investigate and acquire information that was vital to the war effort.

When Emperor Fel called upon the Jedi Academy to surrender to him and his forces, Pan and Tionne were at the Jedi Academy and there was a great feeling of anticipation in the air. Maybe not from the Jedi and Knights but from the others who worked and trained at the academy. Two days later there was a diplomatic meeting between the Jedi and Fel’s Empire; things were being prepared for this meeting. The Sith attack came without warning and began what would be later called the Massacre of Ossus. With many of the Jedi out on missions, they had no chance to win. Tionne went to defend the academy with the other masters, and told Pan to stay safe with the other padawan under the protection they were given. Pan didn’t listen, and she snuck away from the others, to find and help her master during the battle. She encountered parts of the battle along the way, and was lucky not to have died. Something must have drew Tionne to her student, because finally one of the Sith had found her and was about to cut her down, when Tionne appeared and saved her, dispatching the foe.

Tionne dragged Pan along and told her to be quiet, the seemed to be standing right out in the open while warriors and Sith walked right past them, later Pan would find out the trick her master was using to conceal them. They left the temple grounds, finding no one else alive along their path. There was a private ship dock outside the grounds that was hidden; that is where Tionne kept her ship normally always liking her privacy. The two boarded the ship and left the planet behind for good.

Tionne kept their destination to herself, yet their travel from the planet and for the next few weeks was wrought with problems. There was a barricade around the planet, one that they barely got through. It seemed that people chased them off and on many times, every planet and moon and station they stopped at, seemed to have people that knew what to look for, and this caused them many difficulties. They had to eventually trade the ship for another, and that finally allowed them some safety to travel. Finally Pan learned that they were going back to Tionne’s home, a moon called Dyspeth. A place where Tionne knew how to disappear completely, giving them some time to learn what was happening elsewhere.

Eventually Dyspeth became like the Jedi Academy for all purposes to Pan. Training resumed and became harsher; Tionne pushed Pan in every way. Tionne was also very busy in the years to follow, she seemed to be gathering information from many concerns, politics, military, trade, and specific people and groups. It was like a great puzzle she was putting together and working with to find answers. They even had a few visitors on occasion, those of which were only Jedi, or people strong in the force, some of which Pan recognized, some of which she did not. Those people would stay sometimes an hour, other times weeks, talking with Tionne and working with her into all hours. Pan was allowed to be there through some of these discussions, while others she was not allowed even close. They spent six years on Dyspeth, and Pan’s skills evolved and matured. On a few occasions, they left the moon and went on missions Tionne had designated for them. Pan would learn that her master was collecting information and gathering to her a network of informants at all levels. Tionne was very skilled at ferreting out information where there seemed to be none and people seemed to spill information out with only a few words from her master. Those that did not, Tionne could talk it out of them with a silver tongue. Pan’s master had confidence of years, years beyond normal lifespan to develop these skills and it was a sight to watch and wonder about. She could only dream of one day coming close enough to Tionne as she could.

Their past caught up to them. One day Pan was woken to Tionne dragging her out of her bed and hiding her in a place they had decided on long ago. She told Pan that they were in danger and no matter what Pan was to stay here for three days or until Tionne came for her. Three days dragged by slowly, Pan’s emotions clouded her mind for most of the time, and she tried to calm them as best she could, through meditation and exercise. That time was the longest she had ever encountered and she knew what had happened, either her master was dead or captured.

On the third day she ventured forth from the cave back to the home she shared with Master Solari. She found her master’s body there, headless with multiple scratches — and one high powered blaster wound to the back. The head must have been a trophy or confirmation Pan suspected. Pan built a funeral pyre for her master, and spent the entire time watching until everything was ash. When the fires were gone and Pan’s funeral watch was over, she gathered her things, along with a few keepsakes from her master’s belongings and went forth towards the closest colony.

One thing Master Solari was, was that she prepared for anything. Pan was told who to search out first and where to go after that. She also knew were to seek out other like minded people and to work against the Sith. She found a merchant named Kiren Elbus, a friend to her old master. Kiren knew at once who Pan was and what must have happened if she made her appearance to him. He knew that if he was to ever meet Pan, he would get her to where she needed to go, eventually. Kiren was a man of his word, and did right by her and her masters wishes.

Kiren hired Pan to work on one of his merchant ships as a shiphand and general crew. He explained to her that the ship had many stops to make before they were close to where she needed to be and she would have to work hard and keep up with everyone. The captain Tibian Loos was not a mean man, but he ran his crew strict and kept a firm watch on them. Pan would have no special treatment, mainly because Tibian had no idea she was just along for the ride. Kiren also explained that the ship would only come very close to where she needed to be, and that she would have to find other transport from that location to where she needed to go.

Pan’s time on Kiren’s starship, Twilightstar was a new change in her life. It had been a long time since she felt self-sufficient. She found out that Tibian was a kind older man, and a fatherly figure to most of the crew who were decades younger then himself. He did in fact keep a firm hand on his ship, but he gave enough leeway so that people did not break. The people were good in their own ways, and most disliked the Sith. Tibian would talk on for hours if you let him, about anything concerning them and the horrible things that have been happening. Over their long journey she became friends with most of the crew and went on leave with them, enjoyed their company. It was the first time she was around people that weren’t only Jedi, without her master for some time, and it was a little refreshing. When the day came for her to leave them, she knew she couldn’t let them know anything or that she was leaving. Somehow Tibian knew, and he was waiting for her right outside the hanger that night. He gave her a big hug and wished her luck on her life, letting her know she could always find work or safety with him if she needed it. Tibian gave her a small gift and the rest of her pay and watched her walk away. Pan left that behind, truly sad that she needed to move on. To honor that memory, she would call herself Twilight from then on in honor of the people that helped her.