Kai: Who’s blowing up the ship??
Phun: Sorry! Sorry! That was me!
Kai: Phun why are you blowing up the ship?
Phun: I am not blowing up the ship!
Kai: You rocked the ship!
Phun: You know what this means? This does mean the powerpacks are strong enough to work with the droidecka shields.
Kai: That’s what you get out of this? That the power packs are strong enough to power the droids??
Phun: That’s what I said.

Callsign: Jade

Race: Kel Dor

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Height: 6’5″

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Dark Peach

Class: Tech Specialist

Rank: Ensign

Position on Ship: Ship’s Tech

About Phun

The Kel Dor have a history of Force use, and Phun’s parents held high hopes for him and his sister in that regard. From an early age, Phun did everything with his full focus, be it work or play. His parents hoped that intense focus meant the Force was strong in him. However, that was not the case. Phun’s parents were somewhat disappointed. They never shared that disappointment with Phun, but he had his suspicions, which only served to help him focus ever more intently on his craft. As he grew, it was obvious that he possessed a strong intellect and a natural understanding of technology, and his parents knew that with his focused manner he would go far in his chosen field of study. They have supported him fully in his schooling throughout his life, and they are proud of him.

Phun’s sister, Fia, was accepted into the Jedi Academy. No one is more proud of this than Phun himself.

Phun originally joined the Fel army as a communications technician. During his time in the field, he has seen too many soldiers fall to blasters and other damaging fire. This has caused him to develop an interest in creating more advanced shields and body armor, to help decrease allied injuries and casualties.