“Ah, Sha’lan. I’ve heard good things about you.”
“I’m sure they’re all lies.”
-Emperor Fel and Sha’lan

Callsign: Ruby

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Height: 6’1″

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Class: Unknown

Rank: Junior Lieutenant

Position on Ship: Pilot

About Sha’lan

Born on Gaftikar a frontier planet in the Outer Rim. Parents Mal and Asori Guerrin were itinerant miners. They worked for the trinity helix mining co-operative when they first moved to Graftikar. After the chairman of the board of trinity helix and his Sullestrian chief financial officer eloped it was discovered that the co-op had been operating at a loss for last 10 fiscal years and had been borrowing from the hutts to make payroll. The new interim chairman cancelled all outer rim mining contracts and liquidated all of the trinity helix assets in a desperate attempt to pay back the Hutts. This left Mal and Asori stranded on Graftikar and homeless. What was worse was that trinity helix was unable to fully pay back Hutts and the Galactic Courts ruled that Trinity Helix’s residual debts transferred to the co-op members. Their personal share of debt to the Hutts amounted to 110,000 galactic credits. The Galactic courts ruled the Hutts could charge a 22% interest rate compounded annually on this debt.

On Sha’lan’s 3rd birthday things turned around for the family. While out prospecting Mal found a large quantity of Unabtanium. Unfortunately as he and Asori were filing the claim paper’s in town on the cache their flyer was stolen by a drunk Trandosian who wrecked the flyer on the outskirts of the port. Sha’lan was sleeping in back on the flyer when it was stolen and did not wake up until the crash. After staggering out of the flyer she stumbled over to the port looking for help. A pair of port guards found her and took her back to the port office to find her next of kin.

Kavis, The captain of the port guard, was addicted to green spice, and as a result constantly engaged in shady dealings trying to get money to support his habit. He maintained his position because earlier in his life he had been a respected jedi. However in the aftermath of a truly horrible battle he turned to green spice to suppress the memories and after years of using the spice he lost all but most rudimentary jedi powers. The Sith and imperial officers kept him in his position because he would eagerly betray his former friends when they contacted him in return for money to support his habit. He was short on money again that day, and after using the last of his credits from pawning his light saber, it seemed a natural enough thing to sell this young girl to a rodesian trader who was passing through. After all she was an orphan so no one would miss her.

This is how Sha’lan came to be the property of the rodesian slave trader Durothil. He took her to Jaroona where she was sold to Voba a Hutt lord. Voba was a typical Hutt he loved slave girls, good food and credits. Sha’lan made several friends among Voba’s slaves including a pair of Twi’lek twins named Kaila and Mair. They were around 14 years old and were dancers in Voba’s hall. For the next year Sha’lan led a fairly happy life she fetched wine and grapes for Voba as he entertained guests and learned how to dance. She did not understand what the grown-ups were talking about and it seemed terribly exotic. No one bothered her to much because they knew that Voba intended to train her as a dancer as she grew older and did not want to anger him.

Unfortunately among Voba’s many vices, where: when he got angry he stopped thinking and reacted on blind emotion, and he thought he was a great comedian. One day he was meeting with a mon-calamari trade representative he made a truly horrible joke about when a jedi, sith and rancor walk into a bar. The representative did not laugh quickly enough after the joke which really irked Voba. He dealt with this like he dealt with most things that angered him, he shot the mon-calamari and left his body to rot in the desert.

Unfortunately this mon-calamari was high ranked in an organized crime syndicate. The syndicate sent two dozen bounty hunters for Voba’s head. There was a huge firefight and all of Voba’s guards were killed and all of the bounty hunters except 1 were killed. Sha’lan was serving at the time and hid underneath a guards body slumped over a heavy eweb blaster. She was 5 at this time and could not understand what was going on but was horrified when the bounty hunter shot her two twylek friends who were shielding Voba with their bodies. She decided to make the bad man go away so stood up and pressed to button on the eweb blaster that the guard always pressed when he made someone go away. The bounty hunter was shredded with blaster bolts and Voba was saved.

In the aftermath of the battle Voba made a large cash payment to the syndicate which settled matters with them. To reward Sha’lan for her part in his rescue he paid for her to go the Southern Coruscant Preparatory School home red rancor chess team. Sha’lan thrived at SCPS she found much to everyone surprise that she had a real knock for languages. The first language she mastered was Huttese and each week she would exchange holo messages with Voba talking about her experiences at Coruscant. At first Voba tolerated the messages in gratitude for her actions but after a while he realized that he had a golden opportunity. She could be trained to be his agent on Coruscant which would give him an advantage over his fellow hutts whose agents tended to be unreliable, shady, and greedy. At this point he Voba turned his devious mind towards instilling loyalty in his young charge.

Using a combination of praise, recognition, and thoughtful gifts Voba totally won over Sha’lan and she started calling him ‘Daddy Voba’. To make ‘Daddy’ proud she pushed herself harder then any other student. By age 10 she was fluent in 6 languages and was the editor of the school newspaper. On breaks she would go back to Voba’s palace where he would lavish her with attention and have some of his more trustworthy minions train her in some of the less ladylike arts of lockpicking, slight of hand and trap manufacture.

On her eleventh birthday a new student transferred into SCPS. Her name was Laurelle, she was the daughter of Moff Balbri. Vobra encouraged Sha’lan to befriend Laurelle, which she gladly did. Laurelle was an awkward girl who did not make friends easily and was very plain and often picked on. One of the house mistresses at SCPS was always picking on Laurelle because of her looks and started spreading rumors that Laurelle was a lesbian and was trying to sleep with Sha’lan. This had a terrible effect on Laurelle who started neglecting her school work and stopped eating. Sha’lan decided to take matters into her own hands to deal with the house mistress. The next week pictures of the house mistress engaged in unwholesome behavior with members of the 902nd storm trooper battalion and a wookie at the same time were posted on the school intranet. The house mistress was summarily fired, however the IT staff were able to track the posting back to Sha’lan’s terminal and she was expelled and charges were filed against her in the Southern Coruscant district court.

The judge after hearing the case decided that the problem was that Sha’lan needed more structure in her life so conscripted her into the 1502nd tie fighter squadron and sent her to basic training without delay. When word of what happened got back to Voba he almost killed himself laughing. Things turned out well for him, when Moff Balbri found out what had occurred Voba was given several important trading concessions in return for having helped his daughter through Sha’lan. These concessions more then paid for his costs in sending Sha’lan to SCPS, and promised to be even more lucrative in the future. After eating several grapes and pondering the situation he decided that it could be a great benefit to have an agent in the imperial military so decided to let the situation play itself out.

Sha’lan’s drill instructor in basic training was a bull of a trandosian named Pythos. He enjoyed getting into a recruits face and screaming obscenities for even the smallest infractions. It was well known among the recruits that Pythos would eat a recruit if they did not perform, and even though no evidence of this was ever found every recruit lived in fear of him. Sha’lan was no different and her fear translated into effort and despite having the strength of a rat she still managed to graduate basic training second in the class. After finishing basic she received her Tie fighter which she named ‘Selkur’ and joined the 1502nd.

The 1502nd tie fighter squadron was assigned to patrol duty on the outer rim as part of the support group for the star destroyer ‘talon of the emperor’. As a result in the next 3 years she gained an increased knowledge of the alien species and worlds of the outer rim. Her commanding officer after reading her file assigned her as the company’s public relations officer. This resulted in her spending most of her time accompanying him to parties and bailing drunken sailors out of jail then in the cockpit of a tie fighter. As part of patrols she did get to log many hours of flight in her fighter. She was even involved in battle against a particularly nasty group of pirates. During this battle her tie fighter suffered a small breach in the cockpit and some of the shrapnel knocked her unconscious. In the aftermath of this battle she was awarded the purple crescent for being wounded in action.

Sha’lan took advantage of her position to advocate with senior officers that she met at parties for them to purchase their munitions from Voba munitions and as a result of her efforts Voba made an obscene profit selling arms and munitions to the imperial governments on the rim worlds. Unfortunately Sha’lan’s commanding officer was growing infatuated with her. He soon grew jealous of her spending much of her time with senior officers instead of with him at the parties, and started paying her much more attention. Events culminated at the galactic ball. After a night of talking to reporters and dancing with the officers Sha’lan was leaving. Her commanding officer had a way to much to drink and she had to help him out. While they were flying back to the base he started kissing her and trying to take off her shirt. This was a little funny because he had had a lot to drink and kept falling on the floor as he was attempting to be a tough guy. It became a lot less funny when his mood turned sour and he started punching her. Fortunately he passed out after a little bit and slept the rest of the way back to the base.

In the weeks following this he became increasingly annoying and started hitting on sha’lan in front of the other spacers and trying to invite her back to his bunk. After a day of two of this she decided to get even with him. So she arranged for him to have a wardrode malfunction during a review of their company by grand admiral Tavik. Her commanding officer was horribly embarrassed by this. Sha’lan later learned that he was Grand Admiral Tavik’s son who was serving under an assumed name to avoid rumors of favoritism. Even without proof he was certain that Sha’lan had something to do with his wardrobe malfunction and brought charges against her in a court martial. Because of the lack of evidence the court martial found her innocent however the grand admiral intervened and put her on indefinite unpaid administrative leave. This was mostly because he had found out what a fool his son had been making of himself and decided that if Sha’lan was not around maybe he would shape up.

For the next year Sha’lan worked a series of jobs including: Freelance translator, holo-columnist, and sports commentator. During her stint as a sports commentator she developed a love of pod racing and started building a racing pod which she planned to race at the Jatir invitational. During this time she also made regular reports to Voba about what she saw and heard on the rim. He was able to use her observations to advance various schemes and was content with her new line of business.

One day while at the pod races on Ucret she met a young racer named Brill. Brill won the race on Ucret and while doing so beat the previous course record by 5 minutes. Sha’lan interviewed him after the races for GSPN holo-net station 3.47, and after the interview invited him out to dinner. They bonded over dinner talking about pod racing technique and traveling. The next day they took the same ship to the pod races on Uba IV. While traveling through hyperspace they grew closer and got to know each other better. In the next 6 months they formed a strong friendship with strong romantic undertones. On the way to the sector races on Graftikar Brill confided in her his secret to winning. He used the force, he assured her however that he was no Jedi. Actually though she did not know it he was an agent of the Sith. On Graftikar he met with a Sith agent named Kavis. Sha’lan was accompanying him thinking that they were meeting an old friend of his.

A quartet of Jedi Guardians had been conducting surveillance of Kavis because an increasing number of Jedi who had been around him had disappeared. They were afraid that the Sith might be closing in on him and wanted to be on hand to protect him in case things went bad. They saw Brill enter his home and feared the worst. They kicked in his front door and confronted Brill and Kavis. Kavis was not lacking in cunning and when he saw there were 4 Jedi, he pretended that Brill was assaulting him and cried out for aid. The Jedi drew their light sabers and demanded that Brill surrender.

Brill realized that he was not getting out of the room alive and decided to go down fighting so shot a huge mass of force lightning at 2 of the Jedi. Sha’lan pulled out her blaster and shot another. They got the same results. The Jedi executed the ‘Vap maneuver’ and deflected the energy blasts back at them. Brill was slightly wounded and Sha’lan was knocked down and stunned. After a short but incredibly nasty battle the Jedi cut Brill off from the force, Sha’lan did not know this is what they had done from her perspective Brill was holding off 2 Jedi with blasts of lightning while at the same time force chocking another Jedi and using his body to hold off the fourth. Then a blast of light filled the room and Brill sank to his knees and started crying. One Jedi walked up behind him and decapitated him with his light saber. They then collected Kavis and fled the port. A few moments later Sha’lan recovered from being stunned and was able to raise the alarm. The Jedi were long gone.

After this Sha’lan buried herself in her work. She wrote thousands of new articles, learned 3 new languages. She sold her pod racer and avoided the pod racing scene as much as possible. Instead she started covering the gladiatorial games on Halbara. After 3-4 months there she went wherever the game now starts.

In the meantime her birth parents had become rich as a result of their unobtanium strike. They paid off their debt to the huts and had millions of extra credits. They moved to Coruscant joined the government there. Her birth father got a high ranking position in the Rim Administration division of the Galactic Civil Service. With their extra money they hired a string of bounty hunters to find out what had happened to their daughter. The bounty hunters were able to trace her sale to the Rodesian. Before they were able to locate him his ship was destroyed by pirates and the trail went cold.

Without her acting as a distraction Tavik’s son became an admiral in his own right. He still refuses to drop the administrative leave even though his farther tells him he is just being silly.

Voba and Sha’lan are still close and maintain contact via the holo-net and even get together and talk from time to time. Voba has become even more rich as time has gone on and recently purchased a famous band of septuplet Tylek dancers which has increased his cred amongst the Hutts.