Rich: All because their generals wanted to throw in with an idiot.
Tom: Who, Fel?

Roan Fel’s Empire

By the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Galactic Empire had actually become a member state of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. Over the years the Imperial portion of the Free Alliance gained strength, paving the way for Jagged Fel to retake the title of Emperor. The Imperial Remnant started the Victory Without War program, a missionary program devoted to spreading good deeds and propaganda about the Fel Dynasty.

The One secretly sabatoged the Ossus project and sparked off what became known as the Sith-Imperial War.  The war resulted in the fall of the Alliance and the reestablishment of the Empire as the primary galactic government. Fel’s Dynasty now ruled a significant portion of the galaxy. The remnants of the Alliance were absorbed into the Empire, but the Galactic Alliance Core Forces remained, and continued to fight the resurgent Empire. Shortly after the fall of the Alliance the Emperor called upon the entire New Jedi Order to surrender and subject their will to the Empire. Some of them did, becoming Imperial Knights, while the others held to the will of the Force and retreated to the Academy at Ossus. Fel’s forces, tricked by the Sith, attacked the Jedi Academy and wiped out the Jedi there.

After the Alliance defeat and the Massacre at Ossus, the Sith under the command of Darth Krayt turned against Emperor Roan Fel. He launched a daring coup, marching with his cohorts straight into Fel’s audience chamber himself, and killing the man who sat on the throne, who turned out to be Emperor Fel’s double. Faced with little choice, the Moff Council swore loyalty to Krayt. Fel’s forces went into hiding at Bastion, and from there the Fel Empire began to wage war on the Sith Empire, to regain control of the Galaxy and re-establish peace.

Fel began a plan of restoration first by finding allies. He made common cause with Grand Admiral Stazi of the Galactic Alliance, or what was left of it, and through Kaileen Blackheart he was able to convince the Jedi, now led by her older brother Borol Blackheart, to rejoin the Empire. With his new allies Fel waged a clever campaign against Krayt, freeing Coruscant and reclaiming control of the Galaxy. A decisive battle en route to Coruscant space devastated Krayt’s military forces, and the death of Darth Krayt at the hands of the crew of the Blood Diamond solidified Fel’s rule of the galaxy.

The Imperial Senate

Hundreds of worlds and systems had broken free of Krayt’s Empire during the last military pushes to destroy Krayt. Many of them declared independence, but more joined under Fel’s banner. Faced not only with the retaking of the galaxy but a newly expanded Empire, Fel  needed a way to oversee matters. However he was unwilling to reinstate the Moff Council, having been betrayed by them once already. Instead, he reformed the Imperial Senate, a move that unified the Galactic Alliance remnant with the Empire and removed the need for the Moff Council.

Each elected Senator now represents their world or system in the Imperial Senate and between sessions acts as a regional governor of their territory on behalf of the Fel Empire. Many notables, including Admiral Stazi, have sought election to the Senate. The Senate answers to Fel but otherwise has a great deal of power within the galaxy.