Kai: You’re a bad influence.
Mal: Looove you!

House Blackheart

After Sith Master Lady Ceyl Ookita, several apprentices, and most of her Blackguard were lost on Korriban and eventually declared dead, several people suddenly found themselves a great deal richer than expected. Ceyl had split her shares of Heavenly Voice Shipping and the Heavenly Voice Shipyard amongst the living Blackguard or their immediate families. The wife and three children of Alvin Seville, Captain of theĀ  Blackguard, received the bulk of the shares and were now very, very wealthy.

True to the example of Lady Ceyl and that of Alvin Seville, members of the family were strong supporters of the Jedi Academy, and any force-active children born to the family were sent to the school for training in either the Light or the Dark, whichever they chose. Others entered service to the New Galactic Republic.

During the rebuilding of the galaxy following the Yuuzhong Vong War, the Sevilles were ennobled as a reward for several generous donations towards the reconstruction effort by the Galactic Empire. They became known as House Blackheart, named after Alvin Seville’s codename in the Blackguard. The House was recognized with two families: the Sevilles, who comprised the mainline of the House, and the Millers, a branch of the family.

In more recent times, the family continued its loyalty to the Empire, following the example set by both Alvin and his Mistress, Ceyl, and some of House Blackheart’s members willingly and gladly joined Jagged Fel as members of his Imperial Knights when he took the title Emperor. Others stayed with the Jedi Order.

When Krayt betrayed Roan Fel and overthrew the Fel Empire, declaring himself Emperor, those members of House Blackheart who were allied to the Dark claimed Darth Krayt’s empire was the truest expression of the ideals of Alvin and Ceyl, and swore allegiance to him. The other part of the House remained loyal to the Fel dynasty and declared those serving Krayt traitors to Alvin’s legacy and Ceyl’s example. Of course, those loyal to Darth Krayt claim those in Fel’s service are the traitors. The mainline branch split, with two of the heirs, Trevor and Berana, joining Krayt’s empire, while their siblings and parents joined Roan Fel’s Rebellion. Krayt recognized their Uncle, Jasper David Seville, as Lord Blackheart, wanting Trevor and Berana in his active forces. Jasper Seville was given command of Ord Radama, the House Seat of House Blackheart, and heart of their shipping and shipbuilding empire. Lord and Lady Blackheart took refuge at Bastion with their daughter Kaileen. The other son, Jedi Knight Borol, was missing since Ossus and presumed dead. A bitter House war broke out as the mainline split.

Jedi Master Borol Seville re-emerged years later, coming to the aid of his little sister. He now leads the Jedi Order from Coruscant. Their father was killed in the attack on Bastion by Krayt’s forces and their mother has never been found, although Jasper claims to know where she is. Trevor, their brother, was killed in the liberation of Coruscant, and Berana was killed by Mal Solo in the space battle that decimated Krayt’s forces and freed much of the galaxy.

House Solo

The House of Solo was a Corellian family descended from Prince-Admiral Jonash e Solo. They ruled Corellia until the time of Berethron e Solo. Berethron introduced democratic reforms that ended the era of monarchy in the Corellian system. After Berethron, the Solo line fell into obscurity and infamy.

Han Solo, an alleged member of the House who was born in poverty to Jonash Solo in 29 BBY, became a celebrated hero of the Rebel Alliance. According to his birth records, he could trace his paternal ancestry to King Berethron through Korol Solo. Han Solo’s marriage to Leia Organa brought his lineage together with the Organas and the Skywalkers. The Solo-Skywalker clan was considered one of the most influential and famous groupings in history.

Han and Leia’s son, Jacen Solo, was instrumental in defeating the Yuuzhan Vong. However, his turn to the Dark Side and subsequent attempt to take over the galaxy as Darth Caedus led to his death at the hands of his twin sister, Jaina. It is through Jaina the line of Solo continued. She married Jagged Fel, first of the Fel Emperors, grandfather of Roan Fel, the current Emperor.

Following the destruction of Ossus and the Sith uprising, Berana Blackheart carried out a series of political assassinations against the Solo family. The Solos were now living on Corellia and split from the mainline of the Fels to carry on the Solo legacy. The assassinations were part of Krayt’s plans to wipe out the Fel Dynasty and leave no one who could claim the throne but himself. Mal Solo, the only son of Azazel and Raven Solo, escaped and lived in hiding on Kuat. Corellia, and the galaxy at large, believed the Solo line had been completely annihilated. Swearing revenge, Mal eventually joined the Sith and slowly worked his way into Berana’s forces, attempting to get close enough to kill her for the death of his family.

When Mal was captured at Lok and brought before Emperor Fel his claim was unlikely but Roan Fel, after a long private meeting with the young Sith, Emperor Fel confirmed Mal’s claim and welcomed him into the Empire. His birth records have been located, and Corellia has acknowledged his claim to House Solo as legitimate. He was the first Sith to openly join Fel’s forces after Krayt’s betrayed over 10 years ago.


Mal Solo, once his claim had been confirmed by Emperor Fel, proposed an alliance of marriage between Solo and Blackheart to Kaileen Seville. Despite initial misgivings, Kaileen could not ignore the advantages the name Solo would bring to her own House, nor the advantages marrying a member of the Sith would create to unify her fractious family. While her original reasons were political she has fallen for him more than she admits, not prone to public demonstrations of affection. Their wedding was held following the defeat of Krayt’s attack on Coruscant.

Kaileen has been confirmed as Lady Blackheart and her Uncle Jasper holds Ord Radama in trust for her and her heirs. As a result of this and her marriage to Mal, most of House Blackheart has made peace and no longer is divided against itself. House Blackheart is united with House Solo, and Corellia has recognized the union. Mal and Kai have grand plans to restore both their Houses. House Solo and House Blackheart are loyal to the Fel Empire. The pair has begun to heavily invest in reconstruction efforts throughout the galaxy and are reclaiming parts of the Solo holdings from Corellia.

Kaileen is pregnant with twins. Per agreements between them both, her firstborn will inherit Solo, and the second-born will inherit Blackheart.