Kris: It says…sukhot? Sunkist? Sukhot? We’re celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles? Well there’s a General Sabbath. So that’s the way I’m going. Suddenly we’re Jewish Jedi.

jedi academy logo

For nearly a century the Jedi Academy was a place of learning and study in the arts of the Force – all arts, not just those of the Light. Luke Skywalker’s association with Ceyl Ookita during the destruction of the Emperor’s clone and the subsequent annihilation of any Imperial remnants left in the galaxy had taught him that “If I have learned anything…it is that the Force is more all-embracing than I ever realized. Light and Dark do not always stand opposed but mingle with each other in curious ways. More important, the Force seems to have a will, and it’s when we’re acting against the will of the Force that we can get into trouble.” There are indications from some of his writings that his time spent communing with his Father’s force spirit had reinforced some of this belief, and led to the teaching at the Academy that “the Jedi, the Light, provides the balance, and the Sith and the Dark are the counterbalance, leading to a harmony within the Force and an ultimate balance.”

As a result, the Jedi Academy founded by Master Skywalker included Master Ookita, the Master of the Sith; the academy itself contained three tracks: Light, Dark, and Balance, wherein students studied to harmonize the two paths. Luke taught both the Light and the Balance, while Ceyl oversaw the students of the Dark. Eventually Luke turned over the Light to another instructor and led the overall Academy in the path of harmony. He moved the Academy to Ossus to avoid political entanglements with the new Galactic Republic led by his former apprentice, Zanair Bodhari.

In modern times, the Jedi Academy, which retained that name even with the continued Sith presence, was a beacon for learning, meditation, and experimentation with the Force. It is not known how long Krayt planned his rebellion and rise to power, but there are no records of him at the Jedi Academy. Clearly he had been in contact with Sith there, as in the years prior to the Massacre there was evidence of growing hostilities between the Light and Dark students, and those seeking Harmony were finding it harder to work with either side.

Following the Massacre at Ossus, any Sith or Jedi from the Academy who did not swear allegiance to Darth Krayt were put under death sentence, and many have been hunted down and killed. It is said all the Sith at the Academy turned to Krayt, and a few of the Jedi as well; however most Jedi went into hiding throughout the galaxy, and there are rumors some Sith fled instead of submitting.

The Seal of the Academy pictured above shows the symbol of the new Jedi Order surrounded by a circle of Sith runes. The runes are said to contain one of Master Ookita’s prophecies but translation has proven difficult, leading to the rumor they will be understood by the right person at the right time, and not before. It is also rumored the original seal was carved by Ceyl Ookita using Sith Sorcery and that the runes will convey power to the right individuals, leading to decades of students trying to unlock their secrets to no avail. What is agreed, however, is that there is some faint force aura from the seal, although to what end no one has ever managed to determine. The seal was set into the floor of the main entrance to the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. When the school moved to Ossus, the seal was incapable of being moved, and an exacting duplicate was carved into the floor of the main entrance to the new Academy on Ossus.

With Krayt’s attack, the Dark and Light have split. The Jedi now reside at an ancient temple at Coruscant, lead by Master Borol Blackheart. The Sith created a grand citadel and Academy at Korriban. With the destruction of Korriban it is not known where the Sith might build a new school, if they do at all.