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I’m doing really well here. I’ve been impaled, blown up, shot, and now I’m suffocating. 

Our story so far…

Following the destruction of the second Death Star, Imperial remnants gathered to reclaim the galaxy. From within these ranks rose several prominent individuals, dedicated to a strong Empire, led by Ceyl Ookita and Zanair Bodhari. Zanair infiltrated Luke Skywalker’s Jedi and the blossoming new Republic while Ceyl, self-proclaimed apprentice of Emperor Palpatine and one of the strongest Seers in centuries, captained a small force which rallied (or removed) the remaining Imperials until both combined forces to overthrow the clone of the Emperor and destroyed those forces not allied to either of them. Cheered as heroes of the Republic, Zanair became Chancellor of the new Galactic Senate. Ceyl, now Master of the Sith, became Luke’s second at the New Jedi Academy, openly training new apprentices in the Dark Side. Vapion Isp, Chief Engineer of Ceyl’s crew, joined the Academy as an instructor for the Balance. Woozie, her Medic, became one of the instructors for the Light. Char’ack bought himself a Senate Seat and joined a business venture with Ceyl, creating the Heavenly Voice Shipyards. Aja, former Hand of the Emperor, now served Ceyl, as did what was left of the Imperial Guard, renamed to the Blackguard and commandered by Alvin “Blackheart” Seville. And Pu’tah was known throughout the galaxy as Shadowstalker the Bounty Hunter, Bounty Hunter, and his Bounty Hunter Guild was the best of the best. The Galaxy was at peace, the Jedi and Sith were rebuilding…and then Ceyl, Vapion, Aja, Char’ack, and Shadowstalker disappeared.

The rumors regarding what happened to the Galaxy’s heroes lasted for years, but they were never seen again. Ceyl and Char’ack’s shipbuilding empire was turned over to the survivors of the Blackguard and their families; others took up teaching at the Jedi Academy, Zanair consolidated power and finally married after a suitable period of mourning…and the Yuuzhan Vong attacked the Galaxy. Overnight, the galactic politic and social landscape changed. The years of peace and rebuilding had created a strong Republic, and a strong, combined Jedi/Sith presence to hold off the Yuuzhan Vong, and while the Galaxy was hurting, it survived.

By the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Galactic Empire had actually become a member state of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. Over the years the Imperial portion of the Free Alliance gained strength, paving the way for Jagged Fel to retake the title of Emperor. The Imperial Remnant started the Victory Without War program. The capital, Bastion, became one of the most fortified planets in the galaxy.

Sith-Imperial War

At some point, the One Sith, led by Darth Krayt, secretly sabotaged the Ossus Project, a massive reconstruction effort employing Yuuzhan Vong-terraforming techniques to restore worlds devastated by the Vong War, to the detriment of the planets’ inhabitants and killing millions in the process. The Galactic Alliance soon found itself facing a secession movement mirroring that of the Separatists during the Clone Wars. The Empire used this situation to entice Alliance member worlds to secede and become part of Imperial space. In 127 ABY, the Sith-Imperial War broke out, with the One Sith openly allied with the Empire. Many of the Academy-trained Sith went over to Krayt at this time, depleting the teachers and students at the Jedi Academy who taught the ways of the Dark side. The war resulted in the fall of the Alliance and the reestablishment of the Empire as the primary galactic government.

The remnants of the Alliance were absorbed into the Empire, but the Galactic Alliance Core Forces remained, and continued to fight the resurgent Empire. Shortly after the fall of the Alliance the Emperor called upon the entire New Jedi Order to surrender and subject their will to the Empire. Some of them did, becoming Imperial Knights, while the others held to the will of the Force and retreated to the Academy at Ossus.

The attack on Ossus was originally supposed to be a simple diplomatic meeting between the Jedi and Fel’s Empire in order to fix ties and maybe even form an alliance. However Darth Krayt pulled his strings by having the Imperial forces attack the Jedi, so that it turned into a conflict that would mark the beginning of the Third Jedi Purge. Unfortunately for Darth Krayt’s plan, about half of the order remained at large, as they had left for other planets after the fall of Coruscant, and he had not waited for all of them to gather in Ossus. The Jedi are hunted throughout the Galaxy. What remains of the Galactic Empire is in hiding, with those loyal to the Empire trying to free the Galaxy from Darth Krayt’s reign.

After the Alliance defeat and the Massacre at Ossus, the Sith under the command of Darth Krayt turned against Emperor Roan Fel. He launched a daring coup, marching with his cohorts straight into Fel’s audience chamber himself, and killing the man who sat on the throne. After the man’s death, Krayt sat himself in his place. Noting the confusion and outrage from the members of the Moff Council who were present, he laid out the facts of life for them. Faced with little choice, the Moff Council swore loyalty to him. For the first time in nearly a century, a Sith Lord held the galactic seat of power. At once he set about imposing order on a galaxy that sorely needed it, but this too was an incomplete victory. The “Emperor” he had killed had been a double; the real Fel was a fully trained Imperial Knight and would surely have defended himself, rather than just stand there and let himself be slain. It was imperative that the real Fel be found before he recruited allies among the Moffs, the military, the Jedi who had survived the massacre at Ossus, or those Sith who may have remained loyal to the Academy instead of joining Krayt.

Fel’s forces went into hiding at Bastion, and from there the Fel Empire began to wage war on the Sith Empire, to regain control of the Galaxy and re-establish peace. Hundreds of Sith roam the galaxy, hunting down Jedi to destroy, and finding young force-actives to bring for training in the Sith ways.

Imperial Loyalists (138 ABY)

Part of the Imperial Military, a team was formed to go on special op missions, primarily data and goods for the Empire, comprised of Lirano of the Darkwater Clan; Twilight, a mysteriously masked woman; Sha’lan, an ensign and pilot, Phun and Oona, tech specialists; and Kaileen Ilora Seville, youngest daughter of House Blackheart, in training to become an Imperial Knight.

Their first mission was to rescue a crew that had crashed in an asteroid field, and recover data that had been hidden onboard. Despite an attack from Darth Krayt’s forces the group was successful and the crew and data was saved.

As a reward, they were granted a ship and sent on another mission, this time to pick up a shipment of weapons. Along the way they ran afoul of a ship ‘chop shop’ — people who capture vessels and rework and resell them at profit. Having escaped the same fate for their own vessel, mostly by crashing it into a very large rock, they were in the midst of repairs when an Imperial shuttle landed. Two Sith and a force of Stormtroopers investigated the area looking for one of their own lost ships. Lirano distracted and bluffed on of the Sith and managed to get their assistance in fixing the ship, while the rest of the crew did their best to keep Kai out of the Imperials’ attention. Eventually the ship was repaired enough to fly and a daring escape accomplished. They took the ship to another port where repairs were handled. They then picked up their weapons shipment and hightailed it back to Bastion.

Rumors and Disaster

They continued on in this vein, running weapons or other cargo for Fel’s Empire staying — mostly — under the radar of the Sith Empire, until on the return trip from one mission they received word that Bastion had fallen, Emperor Fel was dead, Darth Krayt was dead…the rumors were everywhere and contradictory. What was known for certain was that with Krayt’s apparent death, the Sith Lords had fallen to infighting amongst themselves for power and dominance of the galaxy. As civil war between the emerging Sith factions broke out, the team met up with a Jedi who had relatively solid information on Fel’s location, and they rescued Fel, bringing him to Oona’s home for a time to hide and recover. While repairing their ship they learned that Krayt is rumored to in fact be alive, and that Kai’s sister is forming a fleet with her brother. The group brought Fel to his new staging area in the Bespin system, and then headed off on a new mission for the Emperor to recover a holicron of Mace Windo on Lok.

Lok (139 ABY)

The temple at Lok was a dangerous place. Already a group of Sith hunters had landed on the planet at the temple. Cautiously, the team landed and began a thorough search of the temple, overcoming several groups of soldiers and Sith in the process. It became obvious more than one group of Sith were present in the Temple and the group made common cause with one faction, led by a Sith named Mal who wore the symbol of House Blackheart, against the other group of Sith in the Temple. Despite heavy attacks and injuries the team was able to overcome the other Sith group in the Temple and recovered the holicron. Mal and his remaining forces surrendered to the Diamond Sun’s crew and returned with them to Fel’s new base in the Dagobah system, where they were interrogated by the Imperial Knights for loyalty. At this time it was also revealed that Mal, although Sith, had joined Beranna’s forces in order to destroy her for crimes she committed against his family. Mal is apparently the last living member of House Solo. At this time he has joined Fel’s forces and the Diamond Sun, believing Beranna’s sister Kaileen will offer the best opportunity to get at Beranna in order to kill her.

The New Ship: Blood Diamond

The team returns to Fel’s empire, now located at Dagobah, and turn in the holicron. Shortly after Emperor Fel sends them on another mission to deliver a package to Kashyyyk. In order to deliver it, the team purchases a new ship from General Gardens and takes on new crew.

Enjoying the new, spacious ship, the team takes off on their trip to Kashyyyk. Two days in there is an explosion. All the life pods eject and the hyperdrive and backup hyperdrive die. We suspect sabotage. During desperate repairs, Kai is contacted telepathically by her brother, Borol, saying there’s a shapechanger assassin on the way, having expected Emperor Fel to be on the ship. The Jedi divert their course from going to meet with Fel and come to rescue the ship, towing us to Naboo. Kai and Borol spend time catching up on their life and discussing the current state of the galaxy. The ship is repaired at Naboo and they continue on their way to Kashyyyk to complete their mission and then on to New Mandalore, where they have word they will meet with the Imperial Knights and General Gardens. The Jedi leave and continue onto meeting with Fel.

Retaking Coruscant

They are then sent to Coruscant to rescue certain items from the ancient Jedi Temple there before Berana Blackheart reinforces it. The crew decides they are capable of gathering the items and taking out Berana’s forces. They sneak onto Coruscant and meet up with General Calrissian, who is running a guerilla war against the Sith forces which control the planet. Using Calrissian’s forces as a diversion, the crew sneaks into the Jedi Temple and sets the planetary defenses to destroy the inbound reinforcements. They are then able to recover the artifacts sought after and help Calrissian’s forces destroy the Sith. Kaileen later learns it is not her sister but her eldest brother, Trevor, leading the reinforcements.

Now in control of the Jedi Temple, Emperor Fel returns to the planet to consolidate his control of the planet. It is revealed Fel’s daughter, Princess Marasiah, has married Cade Skywalker. The Captain announces his fiancee has been kidnapped and the group agrees to go rescue her. In the process of freeing her, they once again run into Darth Maladi, but are unable to kill her or capture her.

The Captain and his fiancee marry, and she joins the crew to stay with him. Mal and Kaileen begin to plan their own wedding. In between, the crew runs some cargo and takes out a pirate base. Then, in the wake of the destruction on Mon Calamari, the crew is sent to kill Darth Talon.

An elaborate plan consisting mostly of some carefully planned farseeing and some interdictor mines pulls Talon’s ship from hyperspace. They board and kill her. Returning to Coruscant, the crew decides to liberate the rest of the planet, and handily takes out the Sith at the Senate building, convincing them to surrender. They then take over the orbitals and liberate Coruscant. For his efforts, Lirano is promoted. After a short discussion, the group decides Mal should become captain of the ship, and Kaileen will remain the second in command. Kaileen is knighted as an Imperial Knight, sworn to Fel’s protection. Sha’lan and Pandara, meanwhile, have a conversation with Darth Maladi and learn that somewhere along the line, they have truly upset her. Tofer, a bounty hunter, joins the crew.

The Death of Berana Blackheart

News of an impending attack from Darth Krayt and his forces is discussed, and Emperor Fel places the Blood Diamond’s crew in charge of a small fleet and sends them to the border to destroy Krayt’s reinforcements. The battle is hard fought but the Blood Diamond’s forces are victorious. They send their captured prize ships onward and take their main force to join the battle against Krayt.

They arrive at the same time Berana’s reinforcements do, and immediately Mal has them engage her ships. With the element of surprise on their side they are able to overcome her forces and capture Berana. Mal executes Berana, finally enacting his revenge for the death of his family.

After Krayt’s reinforcements are destroyed the battle turns against Krayt and he is forced to retreat.  The galaxy rejoices at their liberation as many planets are no longer under Sith control. The alliance between the Jedi, the Galactic Remnant, and Emperor Fel has prevailed.

Rescuing Oona’s Mother

In the midst of galaxy-wide celebrations Mal and Kaileen marry. Darth Maladi once more appears, crashing the wedding (or invited – there is some confusion between the wedding couple over her appearance) and Maladi provides Oona with a present – the ashes of her father.  Maladi and Plageius escape the reception.

Oona’s mother, meanwhile, has been sold to the Hutts. After the honeymoon, the crew sneaks onto a pleasure barge to rescue Oona’s mother from the Hutt holding her. Pandara and Sha’lan split off to steal a stygian crystal from the ship. Their plan sets off multiple alarms and accidentally provide an excellent distraction for Phun and Oona to get Oona’s mother. We return Oona’s mother back to Woostri.

The Death of Darth Krayt

Darth Maladi is determined to be at Korriban, and the crew decides they will hunt her down next. They travel to Ord Radama for a meeting with Kaileen’s uncle, Jasper, and arrange an escape route. They travel to Korriban, planning to land at the Sith Citadel and catch them unawares. Their ship is rerouted and upon landing the plan begins to fall apart.

Found out earlier than expected, they battle their way across the landscape of Korriban and into the Sith Citadel. Meeting up with an old instructor of Mal’s, they storm the Citadel from underground tunnels while their hired allies attack from the top of the Citadel. They make their way in far enough that Darth Maladi and several Sith Lords arrive to destroy them. Mal is separated from the group and faces off against Darth Krayt.

An epic battle ensues and the Blood Diamond’s crew emerges the victors, with Krayt and Maladi dead. They escape the planet, heading for Coruscant. As they leave the system, Sha’lan activates a pre-arranged plan that blows up Korriban. A Dark wave of Force explodes outward from the planet.


The crew is sent to try and capture or kill Darth Plagius, who is attempting to become immortal. They track him through the Deep Core, killing his apprentices as they find them, but are unable to locate Plagius. They do find one of his attempts to create a superweapon out of black holes and manage to stop that, but lose him and his only remaining apprentice in the effort.

While recovering on Coruscant, assassins attack Pandara and Oona, killing Oona. Oona is buried in state on Woostri, and her friends learn that funding for the assassins came from a private corporation owned by Sha’lann. However it turns out that is being used by Lady Sage, the last of Plagius’ apprentices.  They hire the Shadowstalker Bounty Hunter Guild to find and bring in Sha’lann.

Pandara searches through the Force and locates Sage at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Sage has been undercover living as a Jedi for several years, and was in a relationship with the Jedi Master, Borol Blackheart. Borol confronts Sage on Kaileen’s word and loses an arm in a fight; Sage escapes using the Jedi Master’s private shuttle and Kaileen has it shot down over the skies of Coruscant. The Jedi Order begins a search, aided by Imperial Knights, for other Sith collaborators hiding in the order – made more difficult by the fact that Borol has once again allowed Sith to return and rejoin the order.

Plagius is discovered on Ossus, and a small fleet is assembled to help storm the planet. Mal and Pandara gather a group of Jedi, Sith, and other force users who can sever one’s connection to the Force, hoping that will then allow Plagius to be killed. The strike team lands on planet and fights through the Yuuzhong Vong monsters to the citadel, and are able to destroy Plagius after a pitched battle that also kills two of the crew, Rann and Pandara.